Screenshot of Reasonwell on a desktop web browser

Constructive Online Debate

Reasonwell is a new kind of online opinion platform that structures debate in a constructive way; it facilitates collaborative argument mapping:

  • Each argument is made up of claims.
  • Each claim is stated as a simple proposition with which you can agree or disagree.
  • Reasons to agree or disagree are given as arguments, which you can accept or reject.
  • The best arguments are voted to the top.

The argument map’s branching structure focuses attention on specific claims and arguments, eliminates off-topic noise, and allows drilling down into details. Your opinions on every element of the debate are visible to others, and nobody can edit them for you. Others can propose edits to refine claims and arguments, but you choose which changes you accept. The result is a collaboratively built argument map drawing from the crowd's breadth of perspectives, with concise arguments linking to evidence on points of detail.

Watch this 3 minute screencast to see how.

For Public Debate

Public debate on important issues is fragmented, scattered all over the web. What if there was a place that structured the arguments and evidence on all sides of any issue, global or local, where you could add your voice in a meaningful way?

Reasonwell can be a clearinghouse of the best arguments for and against any contentious proposition, and of the flaws in commonly cited arguments; a platform for political groups and commentators to expose their positions and reasoning for greater transparency; an in-depth resource for journalists; a place to encourage critical thinking, and to strengthen a democracy based on issues, ideas and evidence.

Public debate on Reasonwell is free. to try it out.

For Your Organisation

How much more engaged with your organisation's goals and challenges would your people be if they could contribute meaningfully online in just a few minutes? Not a survey, or a forum, or a wiki - Reasonwell gives structure to private deliberation within organisations of any size.

Reasonwell makes it easier for your members or staff to engage in deliberation. It starts out like an online survey: You seed the debate with one or more statements with which people can agree or disagree. But rather than leaving you to wade through a pile of isolated survey responses, Reasonwell drives collaboration by allowing people to reinforce or critique the reasons already given by others, minimising duplication of ideas. It is a unique tool for generating shared understanding.

Private debate on Reasonwell will attract modest monthly fees in the future, but free trials are available now. Groups from 10 people to 10,000 are welcome. Contact us to start your trial.

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